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Letterhead Template

A letterhead is a paper along with company logo, address and other contact details. Letterhead is a document that says you are officially a business. Letterhead is a formal piece of paper that a company uses when printing letters to other businesses, in response to...
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Interoffice Communication Template

Interoffice Communication is communication or transfer of information between two different offices. It may be written, by mail or a telephone call. Mostly companies use written templates and e-mail for this purpose. Companies use letter pad for a written interoffice communication which consists of company...
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Salary Increase Template

It is the process of increasing the salary of an employee at particular percentage after a particular time period. Salary may be increase with the promotion of an employee, if an employee get promotion from designation to other that salary is enhanced according to particular...
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Salary Slip Template

Salary slip is a printed slip that can be issued to each employee after a defined period according to the contract that can be held between an employee and employer. Salary slip is prepaid by human resource department having detail amount of the employee that...
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Free Payslip Template

Pay slip is the document of HR department that is given to employees or worker at the end of every month which has the detail about the individual salary or wages along with the all deduction which are receivable from the employee related to specific...
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Petty Cash Template

Petty cash is small amount of cash for meeting small expenses of organization. This petty cash is for meeting petty expenses. It can be change time to time according to situation. It can be large amount of petty cash in case of big organizations and...
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Gallery Exhibition Template

Gallery exhibition is organized for exhibition of anything. It is usually organized for painting etc. these are very joyful exhibitions and provide so much fun.  Exhibitions are very interesting and it can be any type of exhibition. Exhibitions are usually organized for display of different...
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Free Calendar Template

It is total schedule of any person’s activities according to calendar date wise.  It can be student’s study Calendar task or sport’s activities Calendar task. It can be any type of schedule. It can be school, college or university’s Calendar task of students. These schedules...
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Job Description Template

This is the Description process of job. It gives the whole details of jobs. It contains all details of job holder, nature of job and employer detail’s.  Job Description template is conducted for evaluation of details of any job. It can be description of one...
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Packing Slip Template

It is a document which indicates the total charges of packing something or gift. It can be a weekly, monthly or annually packing slip of items. This is a written proof that someone packed his gift form that specific shop. It is very helpful for...
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